10 Health Benefits of Rhubarb

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Rhubarb Benefit #2: Strengthens Bones and Teeth

You are probably surprised at the idea that regular consumption of rhubarb can make your bones stronger. But this is true. Your bones need various minerals and vitamins in order for them to provide the structural support necessary to bear the weight of your body. If some of these essential nutrients are lacking or are in low supply, the result can be pathological fractures and osteoporosis, among other diseases associated with weak bones, especially in the elderly.

Consuming vitamin K-rich foods helps to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin K is essential for bone growth and for fixing bone damage. It works together with minerals like calcium and vitamin D to achieve this. It is worth to note that vitamin K from natural sources such as rhubarb, as indeed other vitamins and minerals, is a better option than the synthetic alternatives.


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