Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

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Pineapple juice is a popular drink among health circles. It's included as an ingredient in countless healthy smoothies and detox drinks. The reason for pineapple juice's popularity in health-conscious communities is its numerous health benefits.

Pineapple juice is extracted from a plant of the same name. Primarily grown in the tropical regions of Latin America and West Africa, the health benefits of pineapple juice are wide ranging. People who drink the sweet, tangy juice may find their digestion is improved and inflammation in the body is reduced, among other notable health benefits.

Provides Nutrients

Bromelain is found in abundance in pineapples. This group of digestive enzymes is found in all parts of a pineapple, including the edible fruit, stem and leaves.1‘Bromelain.’ National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Bromelain is thought to be the reason behind many of pineapple juice's health benefits, combined with the fruit's nutrient-dense profile.

Pineapple juice has many benefits, thanks to the numerous nutrients it provides. Multiple forms of vitamin B are found in each serving, alongside vitamins A and C. Other nutrients found in pineapple juice include manganese, copper, potassium, beta-carotene, folic acid, iron, calcium and dietary fibers.


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