Head and Neck Cancer Symptoms

By james
Jun 22, 2020
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Pretty much any part of the body can develop cancer, and the head and neck area is no exception. Thankfully it is quite rare, but there are 30 distinct parts of the head and neck where cancer can develop. These do not generally include eye cancer and brain cancer, which are in different categories of their own.

The symptoms caused by the cancer will depend largely on where it is located. Treatment will also depend on location, how advanced the cancer is, and whether it is benign or malignant. It is a good idea to get regular check-ups because identifying cancer early increases your chances of making a full recovery.

1. Swelling

The most common symptom of head and neck cancer is a swelling. This is located somewhere in the head and neck area and while it is sometimes painful, it will often cause no pain for the patient at all. It will usually be barely noticeable to begin with, but it can grow to the extent where it cannot be missed. Swelling and lumps are not uncommon, and it can be easy to shrug something off as not being serious. If you do find unusual lumps, however, then you should get it checked out as soon as possible. It will probably turn out to be something harmless, but it was still a good idea to play it safe.

Head and Neck Cancer

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