Lymphoma Causes

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Lymphocytes are very important to us because they help to keep us safe from disease. They can sometimes develop a mutation, however, and this can lead to a problem known as lymphoma, which is a type of cancer. The mutated lymphocytes begin to rapidly multiply, causing problems with the immune system and some other issues.

Lymphoma is a relatively common form of cancer, and there are several different types. The condition can be cured in some cases, and it can at least be treated in many others. It can still be fatal for others, and this means that it should be taken very seriously.

1. Age

One thing that is more likely to cause people to get lymphoma is age and, generally speaking, it is older people that are more likely to develop it. In most cases, patients that develop Non-Hodgkin lymphoma are over the age of 60.

In cases of Hodgkin lymphoma, people that are over the age of 55 are most at risk. In addition, people that fit into the 20-30 years age group are also at a higher risk. While people in these brackets are at a higher risk, it does not mean that those in these groups will necessarily get lymphoma. Nor does it mean that people outside these groups are safe from it.


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