10 Health Benefits of Sorrel

By james
Sep 27, 2019
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Sorrel is a type of perennial herb that is found living naturally throughout much of Europe and in parts of Asia. It is often used in salads just as it is, while it is also used in a range of dishes, particularly soups.

There was a time when sorrel was far more common than it is now, only to almost disappear, but its popularity is slowly returning.

In addition to being tasty, sorrel is also nutritious and is finding popularity in people that want a healthy living diet. It is thought to provide us with a range of health benefits, some of which you will find listed below.

Sorrel Benefit #1: Prevents Cancer

Some types of cancer are curable, but many others are not. Still without a cure, we are often left to treat the symptoms to help prolong life and improve quality of life. We are still committing to a great deal of research, though, and we are getting ever closer to the answers we need to know.

We have also learned quite a lot about what causes cancer, and oxidation is one cause. This is a natural process that causes damage at the cellular level. While we cannot completely stop this process, we can at least help to slow it down. Antioxidants help to protect us against oxidation, and antioxidants are found in sorrel.


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