10 Benefits of Epsom Salt

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Magnesium sulfate is a chemical compound that consists of magnesium, oxygen, and sulfur. It is more commonly known as Epsom salt, named after Epsom, the town in England where it was first discovered. It has been used for hundreds of years since it was discovered to treat a range of ailments.

One of the main reasons for Epsom salt’s medicinal properties is its high magnesium content. It can be consumed, and often is, although its unpleasant taste makes it unsuitable for use in food. It is often used as bath salts, allowing people to soak in warm water with Epsom salt dissolved in it.

Epsom salt is thought to offer a range of health benefits. Below are 10 benefits of using Epsom salt.

Benefit #1: Detoxifies

The air that we breathe often contains many toxins, while we can even find toxins in our food. For the most part, this is not too much of a problem because the liver, kidneys, and other organs are effective at filtering this out from the system. Regardless, it is still a good idea to do what we can to help.

Have a bath in Epsom salt and it can help to pull toxins out from beneath the surface of the skin. This can help to reach those parts that even our own immune system cannot reach. It can help clean the body and also leave your skin looking brand new again.

Epsom Salt

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