10 Foods High In Arginine

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Proteins are very important for us because they help make the building blocks for our bodies. Proteins themselves are made from amino acids, of which there are numerous varieties. When we eat proteins, we are able to break them down and use the amino acids they are made from to construct other proteins.

Amino acids can be placed into 3 different categories: essential, nonessential, and semi-essential. Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid, and it is in this category because it is essential for kids but not for adults.

It is easy to find food with sufficient arginine, and here’s a look at some of the best sources of all.

Food #1: Chicken

Chicken is among the most popular of foods on the planet, and for very good reasons. It is very flexible and is popular in health foods, as well as a lot of dishes that are not so healthy. It is relatively low in fat and high in protein. Plus, of course, chicken is simply delicious.

Chicken is also a very good source of arginine. Just a single chicken breast contains around 9 grams of arginine, as well as around 70 percent of your recommended daily protein intake. Chicken’s flexibility means you can cook it along with other ingredients that help to make for a nutrition-packed meal.


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