10 Symptoms of Too Much Caffeine

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All around the world, countless people reach for a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings when they wake up. This is because tea and coffee contain a “magic” ingredient: caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and is able to help give us a lift and keep us feeling alert.

Although it is technically a drug, caffeine is mostly harmless to us, provided it is consumed in moderation. If you have too much of it, though, then you are likely to experience some very unwelcome symptoms.

Here’s a few of the signs that you should be cutting back on your caffeine intake.

Symptom #1: Diarrhea

Do you find that you need to poop after drinking some coffee? Coffee contains compounds that help to accelerate activity in the digestive system. This causes our food to pass through faster than usual, and this causes our stools to be loose and runny. This does not necessarily happen after every cup of coffee, but it can happen if you drink too much.

Caffeine might result in other digestive problems. It is thought that it can make reflux (heartburn) worse, while it might also be able to cause stomach ulcers. Too much can also give you an upset stomach in general, so it is a good idea to only drink it in moderation.


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