10 Insulin Resistance Symptoms

By james
Aug 22, 2019
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Insulin is a type of hormone that helps to regulate the levels of sugar in our blood. Some people, though, are born with or develop a resistance to this hormone. This hinders their ability to regulate their blood sugar levels themselves.

Medications are available that can help, while patients with the condition will also need to be quite strict about what they eat. Insulin resistance can be quite dangerous if it is not treated accordingly. Even people that do treat the condition are still likely to experience a number of unwelcome side effects.

Here’s a look at just a few of the side effects that people with the condition are likely to experience.

Symptom #1: Food Cravings

Hunger is an important sensation for us. Without it, we may not eat as much as we need and this can be very bad for us indeed. Our cravings usually only occur when we really need to eat, though. This is a good thing because eating too much can also be a bad thing for us.

One symptom of insulin resistance is that patients are likely to experience more cravings than usual. The cravings are usually for foods that are high in carbohydrates or sugar. The symptom is often described as a desire to eat without actually feeling physically hungry.

Insulin Resistance

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