10 Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

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Gestational diabetes is a condition that affects women when they are pregnant. It can happen at any time during the pregnancy, and the condition will usually disappear after the mother has given birth. It most commonly starts during the second or third trimester.

Gestation diabetes happens because the patient’s body is unable to produce the volumes of insulin needed to meet the increased demand. It does not usually show symptoms and is usually only discovered by screening tests. The condition can often be managed, meaning it will pose little threat, but it can be dangerous to both mother and baby in some cases.

1. Hunger

It is healthy to eat plenty of food. Food provides us with the energy we need, the building blocks need for growth, maintenance and repair, and everything else that is required to keep our bodies functioning. While it is healthy for us to eat plenty of food, however, we should also be careful not to eat too much.

One of the symptoms of gestational diabetes is that the patient is likely to feel hungry more often than usual. This will, in turn, compel them to eat more than they otherwise would. In addition to being a symptom of gestational diabetes, eating too much is also a potential cause of the condition.

Gestational Diabetes

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