10 Home Remedies for Bloating

Bloating Remedy #1: Ginger

Ginger contains gingerols, a compound that helps soothe and relax the intestinal muscles and reduce spasms. Additionally, recent studies are showing that ginger helps speed up digestion. This is important because if the stomach empties faster, the gases can move more quickly into your small intestines. Thereby, relieving discomfort and bloating.

Bloating Remedy

Bloating Remedy #2: Potassium-Rich Foods

Sodium is one of the most common causes of bloating and fluid retention. Some people have bodies that are really good at getting rid of salt, but most people cannot get rid of sodium easily. Fortunately, potassium helps by counteracting the sodium. The recommendation is to get 4,700 mg of dietary potassium a day as part of a healthy diet.

Potassium helps the kidneys get rid of excess sodium, thus reduces stomach bloating. Examples of potassium-rich foods are potatoes, bananas, winter squash, and yogurt.


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