10 Signs of Leukemia

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White blood cells are among our most effective defenses against unwanted intruders. If a pathogen is detected, white blood cells will be sent to the affected area where they will confront the intruder directly. They are mostly made in your bone marrow, the soft core inside your bones.

Sometimes, however, white blood cells may not be properly formed. If there are too many of these abnormal white blood cells in your body, you have a type of cancer known as leukemia. Leukemia is still often a fatal condition, but technology is becoming increasingly effective at combating it.

Leukemia Sign #1: Fatigue

Generally, fatigue involves more than just being tired out after a day of working hard. In fact, it tends to be an overall tiredness that does not go away with rest or nourishment. It can have quite a profound impact on a person’s life, leaving them with little energy to go to work or take care of other commitments.

Leukemia can be exhausting, and fatigue is a common cancer symptom. It is caused by two factors: the body’s fight against the condition, and anemia, which affects the body’s ability to generate energy. Fatigue can creep up on people, so they may not even notice it at first, until it eventually becomes debilitating.


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