What Is the Lymphatic System?

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Despite us being almost constantly surrounded by pathogens that could make us ill, most people don’t get sick at all often. This is thanks mainly to some impressive natural defenses that help to keep us safe, and these defenses are known collectively as the immune system.

A key component of the immune system is the lymphatic system, and it helps ensure that the blood remains clean and free from unwelcome intruders. We don’t usually know it is even there, but it can become more noticeable when there is a potentially serious threat to the body. The lymphatic system serves the whole body and it is made up of different parts.

1. Lymph

The lymphatic system gets its name from the fluid that runs through it: lymph. This fluid contains a high number of lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell. Lymphocytes include B cells and T cells, both of which are “killer” cells that seek out intruders and attack them.

In addition to attacking unwelcome intruders, these cells also have the job of destroying cells that are abnormal or damaged in some way. This helps to protect the body against cancer in addition to protecting us from pathogens. This fluid can be found running throughout the body in the network of vessels that are known collectively as the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic System

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