10 Foods High in Iron

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Iron is a metal that is essential for our bodies to function. It helps oxygen adhere to our red blood cells so that it can be carried to where it is needed elsewhere in the body. It is also important for other functions such as helping with the metabolising of proteins.

If we don’t get enough iron in our diets, we can fall quite ill. It can potentially lead to anaemia which itself can lead to various complications. Severe cases can even result in a fatality. The good news, though, is that iron is found in many foods so there is no real reason we shouldn’t get what we need. Here’s a look at some foods that contain the most iron.

Iron Rich Food #1: Liver

While liver can be an acquired taste, there is little doubting that it is packed with the nutrition we need to be well and healthy. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is also well known for being an excellent source of iron that is easily absorbed by our bodies.

The iron content found in liver will vary according to which animal it belongs to. Chicken liver is particularly high in iron content, while beef liver contains around half as much. Other organs such as the brain and heart are also packed with essential nutrients, even if they are not for the more squeamish among us.


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