10 Health Benefits of Red Clover

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Red clover is an herbaceous plant that is found throughout Europe, Northwest Africa, and Western Asia. It is often used as a fodder crop, which means that it is used to help increase the fertility of soils, while it is also sometimes used for its aesthetic appearance. It is edible and is sometimes used as a garnish.

Red clover is also used for its medicinal properties. It is often consumed as a medicinal tea, while it is sometimes used as a topical remedy.

It is thought that red clover provides us with numerous health benefits, some of which are listed below.

Red Clover Benefit #1: Helps with Diabetes

Glucose is important to us as it helps to give us the energy that we need. We get it from our food, and our bodies are able to regulate just how much of it is running through our blood. We do this with help from a hormone known as insulin, and this hormone is manufactured by our body.

Some people are born with, or develop, a resistance to this hormone in a condition known as diabetes. This means that they are no longer able to regulate their blood sugar levels effectively. Red clover, however, has compounds that have been shown to be able to help decrease our resistance to insulin.

Red Clover

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