10 Health Benefits of Paprika

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Paprika is a spice that is very well known worldwide and is found in almost every kitchen cabinet. It goes along with salt and pepper and its taste goes from sweet to hot. The spice itself is made out of dried peppers and comes with many benefits.

Countries and cultures worldwide have their own way of making paprika. In Spain, for example, pep-pers are smoke-dried before they are turned to powder, and in Hungary, there are eight different grades of paprika, which vary when it comes to their color and heat.

Some people may already be familiar with the benefits of paprika, while many may not realize that this spice can do wonders for their health. This article, therefore, looks at 10 health benefits of paprika.

Paprika Benefit #1: Lowers Blood Pressure

One of the benefits of paprika is that it can help to lower blood pressure. This benefit is provided by the amount of capsaicin that is found in paprika. Capsaicin can relax the blood vessels, leading to a de-crease in blood pressure. Capsaicin is also the ingredient that creates the heat that is found in chili peppers.

Cayenne pepper contains more capsaicin then paprika does, but it is still an amount that can lower blood pressure. Capsaicin can also be used as a pain reliever and is also famous for its ability to help with sore muscles.


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