10 Benefits of Cumin

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Cumin comes from a plant called Cumin cyminum. It is used in many dishes around Mediterranean and European regions. It is considered to be one of the most popular spices. Cumin is purchased as a whole dried seed or as a ground powder to be used in earthy, nutty and spicy dishes.

Modern studies have shown that cumin has several health benefits, including promoting digestion and improving immunity. In some Southeast Asian countries, cumin has shown to improve coughs, pains and health, including blood pressure. New research supports the claims of the benefits of cumin as it is used throughout cuisine in many different ways.

Cumin Benefit #1: Helps with Weight Loss

Cumin has shown to have beneficial effects on weight loss. One study found that overweight women who consumed 3 grams of cumin in yogurt daily for three months, significantly decreased in body weight and waist size. The studied proved that cumin powder reduces weight and improves biochemical parameters in overweight women.

One study suggests that taking cumin for eight weeks among overweight subjects had the same effect as orlistat 120, a weight loss drug. Cumin also had beneficial effects on insulin metabolism compared with orlistat 120. Insulin metabolism allows for cells to take up glucose more efficiently and burn it as fuel instead of store it as fat.


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