Health Benefits of Beet Juice

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Also known as beetroot juice, beet juice offers more than a sweet, earthy flavor. Beet juice has gained popularity since research identified links between drinking beet juice and enhanced athletic performance, reduced inflammation and lowered blood pressure.1Northwestern Medicine. ‘Drop the Beet on Your Diet: In Season Spring Produce Focus.’ Northwestern Medicine, are phytonutrients found in,and lessening tumor cell growth.

Beet juice has an extensive nutritional makeup that includes several essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Some of these antioxidants come from betalains, unique bioactive compounds that have shown to be beneficial to health. Along with these impressive assets, numerous additional benefits of beet juice make it a smart addition to everyone's diet. This article looks at some of the potential health benefits of beet juice.

1. Improves Blood Pressure

Beets have rarely ranked at the top of anyone's list of favorite vegetables, but if beet juice helps lower blood pressure, it may be a great addition for anyone suffering from high blood pressure.

Beet juice is naturally high in nitrates. The body's digestive system converts nitrates into nitric oxide, which can relax and dilate blood vessels. Specifically, this effect is seen on pulmonary arteries and blood vessels leading to the heart, lowering the heart's internal pressures and improving organ function. More relaxed and widened blood vessels may help reduce blood pressure and increase the blood flow to the heart and muscles.2Publishing, Harvard Health. ‘A New Way To ‘Beet’ High Blood Pressure.’ Harvard Health,

Beet Juice

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