10 Foods That Help With Constipation

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The food that we eat takes a while to pass all the way through our digestive system. It needs to because our body needs time to be able to break it down and then absorb nutrients into the body. It can sometimes pass through the body too slowly, though, in a condition that is commonly known as constipation.

Constipation can be quite uncomfortable. It can cause the abdomen area to feel bloated and sore, while things can also get quite painful when it comes to passing large, solid stools.

Constipation can be caused by a variety of things, and there are some foods that can help you to overcome the problem. Below are 10 of these foods to look out for.

Helpful Food #1: Prunes

Prunes are often the go-to food for many people that have difficulties with constipation. These dried plums are easily available so most people should have little difficulty in finding them if needed. Not only do they help with constipation, but they are delicious and also offer a range of other health benefits.

Prunes contain a lot of fiber, and fiber is well known for its ability to aid in digestion. They are also a good source of sorbitol, which is a type of sugar alcohol. Having this in the stomach causes water to be pulled into the colon. This, in turn, can help to ease constipation.


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