Can You Freeze Eggs?

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Eggs are just packed full of nutrition, particularly protein and calcium. They are used in many recipes from cakes to savories, and are also boiled, fried, and scrambled alone. They are popular all over the world and they are also very easy to prepare.

If, for whichever reason, you find yourself with too many eggs, you may be concerned about them perishing. You don’t have to worry too much though because you are able to freeze them, and they will last frozen for about a year. Here we have given you tips on the best way to go about freezing eggs.

1. Remove From Shell

When freezing eggs, you might be tempted to just put them in as they come to make things easier, but this will be problematic. Fluids expand when they are frozen, and raw eggs are in fluid form, so they too will expand. This is a problem because they have a hard shell casing that will not expand, and this means that they will burst open. This would be very messy and will also mean you will have to throw the eggs away. For these reasons, you will need to remove them from their shell before freezing. We explain in further detail how to do this successfully.

Freeze Eggs

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