10 Benefits of Eggs

One of the best animal products for protein, nutrients, and healthful fats are eggs. Eggs are versatile, can be eaten any time of the day, low in calories, affordable, and easy to store. One myth surrounding eggs is that they are bad for cholesterol levels and should be avoided.

Fortunately, this claim is untrue. While eggs are high in dietary cholesterol, found in the yolks, the effect on blood cholesterol levels is minimal. If you are still feeling uneasy, egg whites are full of protein and have no dietary cholesterol to worry about.

Eggs Benefit #1: Eye Health

As we age, many of our organs and body systems tend to work less effectively and efficiently. The eyes are some of the first organs to slowly degrade and function worse. Blue light has been associated with long term damage to the retina, but the body is not very efficient in filtering different wavelengths of light.

Eggs are great for eye health because they are saturated with the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which help with filtering blue light. As a matter of fact, a large egg yolk contains 252 mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin.


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