Can You Freeze Cream Cheese?

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The soft, creamy texture of cream cheese helps to make it easily spreadable. For many people, it is a delicious and healthier alternative to butter and other spreads that are high in fats and/or sugar. It is also great in cooking, and there is nothing quite like a delicious cheesecake after a good meal.

As with other dairy products, however, cheese does not keep well for long. If you have a lot of it, and you are unlikely to use it in time, it is likely to perish meaning you will have to throw it away. The good news is that you can freeze it, and here’s a few tips on getting the best results.

1. Fresh

It is true that frozen foods remain in their current state of freshness better when we freeze them, which is why we freeze them in the first place. That does not mean to say that it does not deteriorate at all, however, and you should only try and freeze cream cheese that is fresh. Even if you try to freeze a cream cheese that has not passed the expiry date, but is close to it, you are unlikely to get the desired results. Leave it too close, and you are likely to end up with cheese that is unpalatable and has a ruined texture.

Freeze Cream Cheese

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