What Is Yellow Diarrhea?

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Normal human stool is excreted in a variety of colors, most of which can be perfectly normal. Several different factors affect the color of a person’s stool, but sometimes color can indicate a health problem. If you are experiencing yellow diarrhea, especially if it is persistent, an analysis with a physician may be necessary.

There are several different causes of yellow diarrhea and not all of them are a cause for concern. When specific symptoms accompany this change, it may indicate that something more serious is occurring.

1. Why Is Stool Color Important?

You can learn a lot about the state of your health by paying attention to stool color and consistency. A normal, healthy person has a range of stool colors that usually come in shades of brown that can be light or dark. Food and medicine can alter the shades with tints of green, black or other colors.

Stool that is light yellow-brown or mostly yellow can indicate a problem with the levels of bile in the digestive tract. This happens from time to time with most individuals, especially during or after a stomach virus or after eating something that does not digest well. Consistently yellow or very pale stool may be a cause for concern.

Yellow Diarrhea

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