What Is Respiratory Acidosis?

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It is very important to keep our lungs and the rest of our respiratory system in good working order. This is one reason why regular exercise is recommended – it helps to keep the cardiovascular system strong and healthy. Things can still go wrong, however, even when due care is taken.

Respiratory acidosis is a condition that is caused when the respiratory system is unable to function as well as it usually would. It will be mild in some cases, while it can be very serious in others. Here is a closer look at respiratory acidosis, what can cause it, and what the symptoms and treatment are.

1. Respiratory Acidosis

Every time that we breathe in, we intake a load of oxygen that is essential for us. When we exhale, we breathe out the unused air along with some other gases that are waste products of our body’s metabolism. The main waste gas we emit is carbon dioxide (CO2).

Some people will find that they are unable to remove as much carbon dioxide from the body as they need to in a condition known as Respiratory acidosis. Increased levels of CO2 will cause our blood to become increasingly acidic, and this can cause problems for us. It can be life-threatening in some cases.

Respiratory Acidosis

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