What Is Cysticercosis?

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2. What Are the Symptoms of Cysticercosis?

Cysticercosis is found predominantly in areas where tapeworms are a common occurrence. When the condition develops in the brain, it is a major cause of seizures in adults that did not have issues with seizures in childhood. Those infected can also experience headaches, dizziness and confusion. Infection in the muscle tissues can sometimes appear as either painless or tender lumps underneath the skin.

In many cases, there are no symptoms of the disease at all. If someone is at higher risk for tapeworm, that person is also at higher risk for cysticercosis. Symptoms can take several months to manifest, meaning many people can be infected with the pork tapeworm without knowing it. In the most severe cases, cysticercosis can cause brain damage, coma or death.


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