What Is a Hookworm Infection?

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The world is full of creatures of all shapes and sizes. This includes creatures so small that they can live inside our bodies, and some do. These creatures tend to feed off their host’s own supply of nutrients, and these creatures are known as parasites. One example of such a creature is the hookworm.

Hookworms will make their way into our body and will eventually make it into our digestive system, where they will remain for the rest of their lives. They tend to live for around 1 year before they eventually die and are passed out through our feces.

1. Hookworm

Hookworms are a variety of parasite that typically lives in your skin, lungs, and small intestine. It is a relatively common parasite with up to around 750 million people becoming infected with it every single year across the globe. However, you are unlikely to encounter the parasite in most developed countries.

Rare in the United States, hookworm tends to be more common in warm climates, particularly those that also tend to have poor hygiene and sanitation standards and facilities. People who are travelling to such places should take extra precautions to help protect them from being infected by the parasite.

Hookworm Infection

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