10 Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

Symptom #2: Spoon-Shaped Fingernails

Nails are among the connective tissues affected by a low vitamin C level, which decreases the production of collagen. The nails become concave in shape. They also become thin and brittle. Spoon-shaped nails are among the most common symptoms of anemia, especially iron deficiency anemia. It is also associated with vitamin C deficiency and low collagen production. It is worth to note that one of the roles of vitamin C is to aid absorption of iron, an essential component of red blood cells.

Besides the concave shape, red spots may also appear within the nail beds due to splinter hemorrhage. This occurs when tiny blood vessels in the nails weaken due to the low synthesis of collagen, which causes them to rupture and cause these red spots or vertical lines.

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

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