10 Symptoms of Pneumothorax

The lungs can be considered to be two inflatable bags side by side. Our muscles will cause these bags to expand or contract, which will cause them to take in air or expel it. This air we breathe in is rich in oxygen, which will be absorbed into the bloodstream by the lining of the lungs.

If air is able to escape from the lungs into the chest cavity, then they will be unable to inflate properly in a condition known as a pneumothorax. This, in turn, means that the patient cannot absorb sufficient oxygen and this can lead to potentially serious problems.

Treatment will often involve trying to remove air from the cavity outside the lungs. Surgery can be needed in some cases. Below are 10 symptoms of a pneumothorax to look out for.

Symptom #1: Blue Skin

The color of our skin is caused largely by the color of our blood, which is usually a deep red color. This color is caused by the high iron content reacting with the oxygen in the blood. It causes a deep red just like other types of iron that have reacted with oxygen. If there is less oxygen in the blood then the blood will lose its redness, causing the skin to appear blue.

Blue skin is usually more noticeable on the lips and other body parts that have blood close to the surface. It is a sign that the patient is in a potentially serious condition and that they need medical assistance as soon as possible.

Pneumothorax Symptoms

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