10 Mini Heart Attack Symptoms

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The muscles of the heart need a constant supply of fresh blood, just as all the other muscles in the body do. If this supply was stopped for any reason then the heart’s muscles would no longer be able to pump blood. This is what is known as a heart attack, and it is a very dangerous condition.

A mini heart attack occurs when the flow is only partially stopped. It causes the same symptoms as a regular heart attack, although they will not last for as long.

There will be less damage caused by a mini heart attack, but it is still a very dangerous situation. Below are 10 mini heart attack symptoms to look out for.

Symptom #1: Pain in Jaw and Throat

Our jaw bone moves thanks to muscles that give it quite a lot of strength. Jaws give us quite a bit of biting power, even if we still cannot bite as hard as a lot of other animals do. The jaw muscles can develop aches and pain, though, while the joint can also sometimes cause considerable discomfort.

These pains are not usually something to be worried about, although they can be a sign of a mini heart attack. The pain will usually begin in the chest area and will then move to other parts of the body, including the jaw and the throat.

Mini Heart Attack

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