10 Warning Signs of A Heart Attack

By james
Jan 8, 2020
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As the heart is hard at work pumping freshly oxygenated blood around the body, it also needs to be fed with a fresh supply of oxygen. In some instances, though, and usually because of a clot somewhere, the flow of blood to the heart will be interrupted in what is known as a heart attack.

A heart attack is a very serious condition and the patient should be found emergency medical assistance immediately.

While heart attacks are a very serious threat to the patient’s life, there is still a 90% chance of surviving provided they get the help that they need in time. Here are a few of the signs to look out for.

Warning Sign #1: Chest Pain

Chest pain is perhaps the most symbolic of all signs of a heart attack. That does not mean that it is always down to a heart attack, though, and there is a wide range of other conditions that can cause the symptom. Regardless, if you do feel a pain in this area and you don’t know why, you may need to treat it as an emergency.

The pain associated with a heart attack is often described as a burning or pinching sensation. Other people will describe it as a heavy pressure as though they have a heavy weight on top of them. If it is just a brief pain, it probably is not your heart, but if it lasts for a few minutes, then you likely need help.

Warning Heart Attack

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