10 Listeria Symptoms

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Most of us are reasonably well versed in the need for hygiene, especially around food. Harmful pathogens can find their way into our food and the consequences can range from being uncomfortable, to being life-threatening. For the most part though the food that we eat is safe, as any potentially harmful pathogens have been destroyed before the food reaches us.

Sometimes though bacteria might still be around, and one to watch out for is listeria. While listeria is not usually a serious risk to most of us, it can be potentially fatal to some. Very young children are at risk as well as people with weakened immune systems, while pregnant women also need to be particularly careful. Here are some of the most commonly encountered symptoms of a listeria infection.

Symptom #1: Fever

When a potentially harmful pathogen is detected in the body, our bodies have various methods of dealing with them. Listeria is no different and one of our body’s defense mechanisms is to raise the body temperature to make it as inhospitable as possible for the pathogen. This defense mechanism is known as a fever.

A fever, although unpleasant, is actually helpful to us as it helps to deal with infections. The vast majority of the time a fever will pass harmlessly once the infection is dealt with. In rare cases, a fever can run dangerously high so keep an eye on the temperature and seek emergency medical help if the fever does become too high.


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