What Is Salmonella?

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Tummy issues can be very unpleasant. They can be very painful at times, leaving the patient curled up in agony and unable to move. They can also cause other unwelcome symptoms like diarrhea, and they can also cause the patient to feel terrible overall. Thankfully, however, they will usually pass with no permanent damage having been done.

Some stomach problems will not pass so easily, however, and some can be really quite dangerous. They can be caused by all manner of things including some types of bacteria. One such bacteria is salmonella, and it can make some people very sick indeed.

1. Salmonellosis

Salmonellosis is the medical term for an infection by the salmonella bacteria. The infection is often referred to simply as salmonella. The bacterium is actually very common and many people will be infected by it without showing any symptoms whatsoever. When symptoms do appear, they are usually relatively mild.

In some cases, however, salmonellosis can be quite dangerous. The disease can cause complications that can pose a very real threat to the patient’s life. The vast majority of salmonellosis cases can be prevented by following some simple precautions. Treatment is not always necessary, but medical advice should be sought, especially in the more severe cases.


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