10 High Protein Foods

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Much of our bodies are made from protein. It is the building block that helps build our muscles, skin, hair and other body parts. Without it, we would be without these building blocks and would, quite literally, wither away. As well as helping to build our bodies, proteins also perform a number of roles within our bodies and are important for our overall well-being.

Considering that muscles are packed with protein, meat is a major source of it. In addition, there are other, non-meat sources of protein though with some vegetables and nuts providing a healthy source. Here is a look at some examples of foods that help provide us with the protein we need to be strong, healthy and well.

Protein Rich Food #1: Eggs

Eggs contain all the nutrition required for their contents to turn into fully formed chicks. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that they are very good to eat and are a very good source of protein. While eggs, in general, are very high in protein, egg whites are particularly rich in the essential molecule.

In addition to being packed with protein, eggs are also a good source of other nutrients. What’s more is that they are simply delicious and are very versatile when it comes to using them in cooking. Whether it is an omelette for breakfast or as an ingredient in a main meal, eggs help to provide people all over the world with the nutrition they need.

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