10 Health Benefits of Agave

By james
Oct 19, 2019
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Agave is a plant that can be found growing in the dry and hot regions of Southwestern America and Mexico. They are known for growing very slowly and also require very little water to flourish. They are a flowering plant, and some types have flowers that grow several feet into the air from the main plant.

Agave has thick, fleshy leaves and these are sometimes used in cooking. Its flowers are also sometimes eaten. It is perhaps best known in culinary circles for its nectar, which is very sweet and often used as a sugar substitute.

Agave is also thought to provide us with a number of health benefits. This article looks at 10 of these benefits.

Agave Benefit #1: Low Glycemic Index

Diabetics generally have to keep clear of sweet foods. This is because they have a high sugar content, and this can cause spikes in the level of sugar that is in their blood. They will often turn to artificial sweeteners instead, although there are some natural alternatives available.

One potential alternative is agave nectar. This substance is very sweet as it is high in fructose, a natural sugar that is often found in fruits. It is also low on the glycemic index, meaning it is not likely to cause spikes in blood sugar levels. This makes it suitable for diabetics that wish to add some sweetness to their diets.


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