10 Causes of Dry Mouth

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Saliva consists of more than 99.5% water. The other .5% consists of enzymes, white blood cells and antibacterial agents, among other things. Despite the tiny amount of these ingredients, our saliva still does a very important job that often gets overlooked. We can actually begin to develop problems without it.

Saliva helps with mastication, which is the beginning of the digestion process. The enzymes within it help to soften food in readiness for the stomach. Saliva also helps to fight off bacteria in the mouth, helping to prevent infections and helping to protect our teeth against decay. If you are experiencing a prolonged period of a dry mouth, it’s something that you really should pay attention to.

Cause #1: Sickness

When we are ill, our bodies can be affected in a variety of ways. Depending on the illness, the symptoms can range from being mildly unpleasant to being outright dangerous. Many symptoms will help medical professionals to diagnose the illness. One side effect that can be caused by being ill is having a dry mouth.

Typical illnesses that can cause a dry mouth include anemia, mumps, Parkinson’s and even a stroke. It is not normal for us to have a dry mouth so having one could well mean that you are not well. If your mouth is dry for no good reason then you should arrange to speak with a doctor as soon as possible.

Dry Mouth

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