Botulism: 10 Symptoms of Botulism

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Botulism is a serious condition that is caused by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It can be ingested and it can also find its way into the body through open wounds.

In babies, there is also a risk of catching botulism through inhaling spores. Thankfully, it is rare, but it is potentially fatal and should always be treated as an emergency.

The bacteria release chemicals into the body and it is these chemicals that are so dangerous to us. They act to paralyze the muscles in the body. It can be treated, but it is important to get treatment as soon as the condition is suspected.

Symptom #1: Dry Mouth

We will occasionally wake with dry mouth, especially when we have had a heavy night the night before. It leaves us reaching for a glass of water pretty quickly, and it’s important that we do. It is important that the insides of our mouths remain wet. A dry mouth is also a sign that you could be dehydrated.

If a drink doesn’t remedy the problem, though, then it could be a sign of an illness, including botulism. If your mouth remains dry for too long then it could cause dental hygiene problems, and your teeth are also more prone to damage from corrosive bacteria.


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