How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs

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Eggs are packed with nutrition and should ideally be a part of anybodys diet. In addition to being nutritious, they also taste great. The benefits don’t even stop there because they are also relatively easy to prepare. Eggs are also flexible and can be used in a wide range of dishes.

One popular way of preparing eggs is to hard boil them. These can then be eaten just as they are or prepared in a variety of other ways. It isn’t always easy to get them just right at first, but here’s a few tips on how to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs.

1. Use Old Eggs

When cooking, you are often advised to use products that are as fresh as possible. This helps to ensure the best results, including giving the best flavor. When it comes to hard-boiled eggs, however, using the freshest eggs is not a good idea. If you use eggs that are too fresh then you will likely find them very difficult to peel.

For the best results, try using eggs that are at least a week old, although two-week-old eggs are better. Raw eggs can last from between 3-5 weeks when kept in their shell so there is no rush to use them.

Hard Boiled Eggs

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