What Is White Coat Syndrome?

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It is important that our cardiovascular systems are in good health. They are essential to us because they ensure that our bodies are supplied with oxygen and nutrition. If something was to go wrong then we could fall very ill. It could even be dangerous to us.

There are, unfortunately, numerous things that can go wrong with our cardiovascular system. Some of these are down to conditions that we have little to no control over. Others are often caused by how we choose to live our lives. One thing that can go wrong with our cardiovascular system is that pressure of the blood pumping around the body can get too high.

1. Hypertension

It is important that our blood is pumped to all parts of the body where it is needed. In order for this to be achieved, it needs to be pumped at a certain pressure to ensure it circulates around the entire body. While our blood pressure should be above a certain level, however, it should also not be too high.

A high blood pressure has the potential to be quite dangerous for us. It is also common for doctors and nurses to take your blood pressure whenever you go in for an appointment. The procedure is fairly quick and straightforward, but the readings don’t always paint the whole picture.

White Coat Syndrome

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