What Is Diverticulosis?

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Diverticulosis is a condition that occurs within the large intestine. It has a high degree of prevalence in the United States. The disease is indicated by the presence of pouches or small sacs called diverticula.

The diverticula form when the inner lining of your intestines pushes through weak spots in the outer wall. The condition can occur anywhere along your digestive tract; however, most frequently it occurs in the colon, which is the lower portion of the large intestine.

1. Causes of Diverticulosis

Scientists remain uncertain as to what causes diverticulosis. The most common theory is that a lack of fiber in the diet plays a key role in developing the condition. When you don’t consume enough fiber, your waste does not move through your digestive tract as easily, which frequently leads to constipation and increased pressure.

This pressure presses on the walls of your large intestine. When there are weak areas in the wall, the force pushes out the tissue, causing the diverticula to form. The sacs can vary in size, from as small as a pea to much larger.


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