10 Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

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While our immune systems are very effective at protecting us from disease, we are not completely immune from attack. Some infections are more powerful than others and can cause serious harm even to people with the strongest of natural defenses. One of these is typhoid fever, and it can be a very serious infection.

Typhoid fever is caused by an infection by the Salmonella typhi bacteria and is caught through infected food and water. The symptoms can be very unpleasant and quite severe and death is a very real possibility. Typhoid fever is a condition that causes many deaths around the world so all necessary precautions should be taken to avoid it. If an infection does take place, medical treatment should be sought immediately.

Symptom #1: Fever

When a pathogen is present in the body, our immune systems go into action to combat it. Our immune systems have several lines of defense against pathogens, and one of them is to heat the body to a temperature that is dangerous to the pathogen. This is known as a fever and is a fairly common symptom in various illnesses including typhoid fever.

In typhoid fever, the body will begin each day at a low temperature, increasing as time goes by. The fever will ebb and flow in waves and will also cause hot flashes. The fever can reach as high as 104.9F (40.5C) in some cases and should be monitored closely.

Typhoid Fever

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