10 Symptoms of Too Much Magnesium

By james
Dec 26, 2019
Medical Expert Medical Expert

Magnesium is a mineral that plays some very important roles in our body. For example, it helps enzymes to function properly and this enables us to digest our food properly. It is also an electrolyte, which means it helps with sending electrical impulses around the body.

It is fairly easy to get magnesium into our diets so deficiencies are not usually a problem; however, having too much magnesium in our bodies can be a problem for us.

The condition is relatively easy to treat, but it is still something that you should take seriously because it can cause some very unwelcome symptoms.

Symptom #1: Muscle Weakness

Even the fittest and strongest among us are bound to feel fatigued from time to time. It is often bought on by working for too long and too hard, while prolonged periods of stress can also take their toll. A period of rest is usually just what we need, but that is not always the case.

Fatigue can also sometimes be bought on by certain medical conditions, and this includes having too much magnesium in the body. Patients will also sometimes complain about feeling physically weak. The patient should be able to fully recover their strength once magnesium is returned to normal levels.


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