10 Side Effects of Low Iron

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Iron has been an important metal for mankind. It allowed us to build weapons and later it helped us to create increasingly large structures. It is still used today in making steel, which is essential for construction and other uses around the world.

In addition to helping us with large-scale construction, it also helps our bodies to function. Iron helps to make hemoglobin, and hemoglobin is needed to transport oxygen in the blood. Without it, we would be unable to feed our bodies with the oxygen it needs, and we would then be in big trouble.

If you have insufficient levels of iron in your blood, you are likely to experience a range of symptoms as a result.

Low Iron Side Effect #1: Light-Headedness

The brain is a powerful organ and, as is usual for something so powerful, it needs a lot of fuel to keep it going. This means that lots of oxygen-rich blood needs to be constantly pumped to the brain at all times. If there is not enough oxygen going to the brain then it can begin to struggle. A sensation of dizziness may occur as a result.

With insufficient hemoglobin in the blood to carry oxygen to the brain, then light-headedness is likely to result. This can also cause the blood vessels in the brain to expand and this can result in headaches. If these symptoms exist then you should see a doctor regardless of the suspected cause.

Low Iron

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