10 Rotavirus Symptoms

By james
Aug 2, 2019
Medical Expert Medical Expert

The rotavirus is so called because of its round appearance when it was first spotted under a microscope. It is the most common cause of diarrhea and most children will have caught it before they reach 5 years old. Worldwide, it is responsible for more than 200,000 deaths across the planet.

Despite these figures, there is usually no need for too much concern among people in the Western world. With modern medicine, care, and plenty of fluids, the virus should not pose a threat.

Deaths from the virus generally occur in developing countries where the patient has not had access to enough clean water to drink. Below are 10 symptoms of rotavirus to look out for.

Symptom #1: Fatigue

Fighting an illness like rotavirus is not easy. We might use the help of certain medications, but still, our body will often have quite a battle on its hands. This battle can be very tiring for the patient, and they may well feel fatigued all of the time. They are likely to just want to rest, although that is likely to be recommended by their doctor anyway.

In addition to the fight against disease being tiring in itself, certain symptoms can also add to the problem. Patients may find that they don’t want to eat as much as they usually would and/or that they have difficulty sleeping at night.


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