10 Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

We tend to forget about the blood that is making its way around our bodies all day, every day. It carries essential nutrients that feed the body and oxygen that has been collected from our lungs. Both oxygen and nutrients are essential to our well-being and even our survival, meaning that the constant flow of blood delivering them is just as vital.

In order to reach all parts of the body, the blood needs to be pumped at the right pressure. If the pressure is not high enough there will not be enough nutrients flowing through the cardiovascular system to nourish the body. This can cause a range of symptoms and can be very dangerous. Here are some symptoms that could be present if you have a low blood pressure.

Symptom #1: Blurred Vision

Our eyes work by detecting particles of light and then sending that information back to the brain through the optic nerve. The brain then interprets this information in a way that we can make sense of. It is an effective system that gives us valuable information about the world around us.

In cases of low blood pressure, however, the system that allows us to see is not as effective as usual. People will often complain that their vision is blurred. Many describe it as though a filter has been placed over their eyes. If you are experiencing blurred vision you should check your blood pressure and arrange to speak with a doctor.

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

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