10 Common Brain Diseases

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Our brain is a very impressive organ. It has helped us to become the most intelligent species that we know of and has helped our species to make great achievements. Our brains have helped us dominate our planet and can also help us expand beyond the planet we live on.

Unfortunately, though, it is susceptible to disease. People can suffer from a range of conditions relating to the brain that can have quite an impact on our quality of life. Diseases of the brain can leave us unable to move freely and unable to even think clearly. They are more common in older people but brain diseases can affect people of all ages.

Brain Disease #1: Abscess

If you get an infection then pus is likely to form as a result. Pus is a collection of dead bacteria and white blood cells that have been spent in fighting the infection. It will usually drain away itself but will sometimes collect in a sac which we know as an abscess. Abscesses can be found throughout the body, including in the brain.

Even if the infection was not in the brain, it can still develop an abscess. An abscess can grow within the brain, putting pressure on the surrounding brain matter. Brain abscesses are usually treated with a strong antibiotic. In some cases, it may be necessary to drain the abscess surgically.

Brain Diseases

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