10 Causes of Sepsis

Cause #2: Urinary Tract Infections

Another possible cause of sepsis is a urinary infection (UTI), both urinary infections of the lower part and the upper part of the urinary system. Possible signs and symptoms of UTIs include frequent need to urinate, a burning sensation and pain while urinating, a sudden and extreme urge to pass the urine, a feeling of not emptying the bladder completely, a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen, pain in the lower flank, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and fever.

Treating UTIs is easy when diagnosed on time. However, despite the treatment, UTIs tent to reoccur. If UTIs are not treated correctly they can progress and lead to permanent kidney damage and even kidney failure. Another possible complication of severe UTIs is sepsis or the presence of bacteria in the blood.

Causes Of Sepsis

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