10 Sepsis Symptoms

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When a person has an infection in the body, sepsis may result from the immune system attempting to combat the infection. A potentially life-threatening condition, sepsis complications can occur as the chemicals the body releases to fight the infection instead target healthy tissues, causing widespread inflammation.

While little is known about why infections can sometimes trigger this response in the body, sepsis must be treated with extreme urgency as it can quickly progress to the point of organ failure. Understanding the symptoms associated with this response is essential for quickly seeking medical treatment before sepsis shock occurs. Here are 10 signs to look out for if you believe that you or someone you know may be experiencing sepsis.

1. Abnormal Body Temperature

In the first stages of sepsis, the individual has an abnormal body temperature, with most people first experiencing a fever that is greater than 101°F. However, some people may have a low body temperature below 96.8°F. Chills and uncontrollable shaking may appear during episodes of fever.

Typically, as sepsis progresses to the point of septic shock, hypothermia occurs, which is when the body loses heat at a faster rate than what it can produce. This leads to dangerously low body temperatures. For many people, a body temperature that is too high or too low is the first symptom noticed.


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