What Is a Sepsis Infection?

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Despite all the threats around us, most of us will not get ill often. This is because we have natural defenses that help to keep us safe. When we are exposed to pathogens, our bodies will often deal with them without us even being aware. The system doesn’t always work as smoothly as it should do, however.

The presence of a pathogen in the body can sometimes cause our immune system to react in a way that affects our own bodies negatively. The results of this can range from being mildly annoying, to downright dangerous. One of the more serious examples is sepsis, and it can be very dangerous indeed.

1. Overview

One way that our immune system helps to keep us safe from disease is with chemical warfare. Chemicals released by the body will help to kill intruders, but there should not be too many of them in the body. Sepsis is a condition where the chemical balances in the blood are out of balance.

Sepsis can affect just about anybody, although it is still thankfully a rare condition. It can be very dangerous, even life-threatening, but it can be treated in most cases. If it is suspected that somebody has sepsis then they should be found treatment as soon as possible.

Sepsis Infection

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