10 Foods To Avoid for Acid Reflux

Author By Tallene

Acid Reflux Food To Avoid #4: Peppermint/Spearmint

For many, the first instinct when experiencing indigestion and stomach pain is to grab some mint. However, while mints can help with gas and bloating, when it comes to acid reflux, you are out of luck. The carminatives peppermint and spearmint may actually lower LES pressure. When pain is higher up the digestive tract than indigestion, GERD symptoms such as heartburn worsen as acid begins to pour back into the esophagus.

An alternative way of avoiding the negative effects of peppermint and spearmint candy is to chew a flavored gum. Gum chewing stimulates the secretion of saliva and other digestive juices that can help with gas and indigestion without triggering acid reflux1.

Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid

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