10 Stomach Bug Symptoms

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Stomach bugs, also known as stomach flu, can present a variety of symptoms, some of which are easily self-diagnosed. The dreaded and uncomfortable stomach bug is medically known as viral gastroenteritis. A stomach bug is different from foodborne illnesses. Food poisoning typically presents within four to six hours of ingesting bacteria-laden food, while symptoms of a stomach bug generally appear within two to three days of exposure to the virus.

Most people recover without complications, but for some, a stomach bug can be life-threatening. Medication cannot cure a stomach bug, so it’s advisable to treat each symptom accordingly.1‘Gastroenteritis (Stomach Flu).’ Gastrointestinal Society, 17 Mar. 2020, badgut.org/information-centre/a-z-digestive-topics/gastroenteritis/.

1. Abdominal Pain and Cramps

A stomach bug is usually a virus, affecting the stomach and intestines. When the virus attacks, these organs typically go into spasm while they attempt to fight the attacker. Affected individuals can expect to feel stabs of pain and cramps in the colon area, coupled with gurgling sounds. Abdominal pain and cramps tend to be very localized.

Individuals are encouraged to consult their physician for over-the-counter pain relief medication to ease cramps and pain. Alternatively, a deep massage of the area, a heat pad and rest can help aid recovery.

Stomach Bug

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